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Youth Pain Course

We are currently developing a free, internet-delivered, pain management program for adolescents.

We know a number of young people have chronic pain which affects their life. Pain interferes with school, sports, friendships, and home life and impacts how adolescents feel about themselves and their overall well-being. Even though chronic pain is quite common for adolescents in Australia, there are not a lot of specialist pain services or professionals available to help young people, and their families, manage the pain. To learn more about Chronic Pain, please click HERE.

The Youth Pain Course is being designed to provide good, evidence-based, information about chronic pain and to teach practical skills for adolescents to manage the impact of their pain. We hope the course will help young people reduce the limitations the pain has on their life, and allow them the best opportunity to live a normal adolescent life. Different to our other courses, this one is only for people under 18.

The Youth Pain Course is likely to start accepting applications in late 2020.

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Who is the Course Suitable For?

We will be offering the course to adolescents who have been experiencing any pain for 3 months or more. Adolescents who want to take part need to:

  • Be aged 12 to 17 years
  • Be living in Australia
  • Have access to the internet via a computer, tablet or phone
  • Want to learn skills to limit the impact of pain on their life and improve how they feel
  • Have the time to spend working on the course and practicing the skills taught
  • Be living with a parent, guardian or adult caregiver who is also interested in taking a care-giver version of the course

What does the Course involve?

  • Online modules that provide important information about pain and practice skills to manage pain
  • Video and audio to help with learning and practicing the pain management skills
  • Lots of additional information on difficulties related to pain (e.g., sleep, attending school)
  • Examples of how other adolescents who have chronic pain have worked through the course
  • Brief contact with a psychologist via email and telephone.

The Youth Pain Course aims to provide information and skills that adolescents would normally receive from a Clinical Psychologist, if they attended a specialist Pain Clinic. Pain Management by different specialists (e.g., a doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist) is best practice and it is now recognised that the skills taught by psychologists can really help young people to manage the impact of pain on their lives.

We know that some kids (and their caregivers) have unfortunately been told that their pain may be imaginary, or in all their mind. We don’t agree with this. We know all pain is real. The Youth Pain Course will be designed to help young people cope with the very real pain they experience, by reducing the impact pain has on their life, and improve how they feel day to day, despite the pain.

Caregivers will have access to the same course materials as their child. Caregivers will also access specifically tailored information to assist them in understanding and supporting their child living with chronic pain, and they will have contact with a psychologist via email and phone.

Not sure if this course is right for you? Please contact us, click HERE.

What should we do until the course starts?

We anticipate that the course will begin in very late 2020 or very early 2021. Therefore we recommend adolescents continue with their current pain management plan. If you are caring for an adolescent who has chronic pain (or are an adolescent with chronic pain) who has not yet sought treatment, we recommend you work with your GP or paediatrician to learn how to access the most appropriate pain management options.

Of course, if you have any questions about the course please feel free to contact us, click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you register for the Youth Pain Course, we may contact you about other youth-related pain research we are conducting.

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